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Yangtze River Water Navigation Bureau Headquarters

Nanjing, China

The Yangtze Water Bureau project located in Jiangbei New District, is, appropriately, not far from the Yangtze river to the East. The project is in fact an adaptive re-use project, a rarity in current development domains, utilizing an existing core concrete structure for one tower, and proposing a phased development of the site, of which the subsequent twin towers will eventually house the Yangtze Navigation Bureau Headquarters. The project makes extensive reference to the kinetic and visual effects of water: wave, river, waterfall and the sparkling phenomenon of water refracting sunlight. Exterior envelope systems employ linear shading elements to create a dynamic tableau of movement in the building base. The towers are composed of elements that suggest the refractive sparkle of light on water, and neatly integrate lighting strategies that extend this reference. The towers all terminate in green, semi-enclosed roof garden environments that provide views of the surrounding mountains and the Yangtze River itself.


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