U+ Design Partners

U+ Design Partners is an integrated team of architects, urban planners, digital specialists, building engineers, landscape designers and visioning experts who are aligned to meet the challenges of the 21st century built environment. We draw on the expertise, leadership and vast collective experience of our network of design partners to drive the design process for each project team.

We are a network design practice composed of specialist collaborators operating within the global environment to deliver design excellence wherever we practice. Our Partners have been recognized at the highest professional levels for excellence in the design of the built environment, and individually bring over 30 years of professional experience to each project we undertake.

100M+ Sq.ft. Design Implemented

140+ Awards Won

100+ On Staff

30+ Years of Professional Practice Experience

10+ Practice Areas

We design solutions that create a harmonious whole with the environment and urban context which elevates the quality of human experience both within our projects and in the surrounding urban context.

Our Locations

We are Headquartered in Washington DC with Offices in Chicago and Nanjing.

Our organizational structure allows us to assemble teams in real time to respond to project staffing needs across time zones. This structure also allows for the efficient transmission of professional expertise, and benefits the organization on a cultural level through shared perspectives and detailed knowledge of individual markets and contexts.

We employ small, highly collaborative teams that directly engage the Design Partners across our platforms to take advantage of the specific partners portfolio relevant to each project.

Our Services

We operate in over 10 distinct market sectors, and have the capability to develop new areas of expertise as the need arises. Our core professional services include Architectural Design, Urban Design and Planning, Masterplanning and Interior Design.

Sustainable design expertise is woven through every project we design, and at all scales- from regional and municipal environments to material selection and building component performance analysis.

Current major projects represent a diverse range of market sectors, including the Research, Science and Technology, Healthcare, Corporate/Commercial, Wellness lifestyle Community, Urban Design and Institutional categories. We have significant experience in both Public and Private sector projects.

We perform feasibility studies for a vast array of project types, from large scale corporate masterplans and technological infrastructure to adaptive re-use of historically sensitive sites and emerging programs.

We aspire to drive innovation in building design that seamlessly integrates architecture with landscape design, security, building performance and environmental stewardship.

Our Core Values – Convergence

U+ Design Partners operates on the basic principle that by drawing together diverse perspectives and capabilities in the design process we may create an ever more powerful and effective design team.

We relish this exchange, and the challenge of meeting and exceeding our client’s aspirations and goals in a diverse set of contexts.

We believe that every design project is a journey, and an experience that should be meaningful and uplifting for all participants. We believe that architecture is a universal language that can transform and uplift any context and indeed should have achieving this as a primary goal.

We aspire to create lasting contributions to the built environment that honor the quest for new knowledge, and that uplift the human spirit.

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