U+ Design Partners

Our extraordinary partners represent our driving force in focused expertise for a broad range of project types and disciplines.

U+ is an open and dynamic design practice that can be configured to meet complex project challenges across a broad spectrum of project types and scales. We have assembled a network of accomplished Design Partners who constitute our primary collaborator team- our brain trust-that drives the visioning and design process, identifies project opportunities, defines a strategic vision for the practice, and engages in the recruitment of talent.

We are always looking for new avenues of collaboration, and new sources of design energy and expertise-in this way we are able to evolve, grow and renew our commitment to an exceptional built environment.

Our design partnership is composed of principals who bring decades of experience and recognition for excellence to each project and design challenge. Partner teams also offer relevant cultural perspectives and guidance within new markets, offering insight that shapes our approach to project pursuits and the design process going forward.

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