U+ Design Partners

The design process is a journey of discovery in every sense.

Through immersive engagement with our network of partners, we are able to configure design teams to meet the individual needs, aspirations and long term goals of our clients. We draw on the immense and diverse professional experience of our accomplished partners through our engaging design process which begins with an initial high-level review of the opportunities and requirements of each project as it aligns with the particular expertise and visioning skills of the design team. As each project comes into focus, we define and redefine these challenges and opportunities through an ever evolving process of discovery and feedback. This highly collaborative process ultimately provides for the flexibility necessary to extract the strongest sense of the clients vision.

At the outset of each project opportunity is an intensive period of research, brain-storming and concept generation. Each member of the team, regardless of level of experience is expected to contribute their very best design thinking to the initial concepts during this critical phase. Two design partners will typically guide this dialogue, offering their perspectives, experience and knowledge of the client to refine and propose a strong series of design options for concept development.

Our organization is committed to the idea that great design concepts often emerge from seemingly insignificant subtleties of observation – perhaps from a small observed detail on site or in client literature – or from inspirations that are right in front of us that we may not have appreciated at first glance. We acknowledge that meaningful design solutions may originate from both an analytical and an intuitive perspective, and a dialogue between these two modes of thinking holds the greatest promise for achieving the best possible results for our clients and their communities. 

The design process is a journey of discovery in every sense – we enjoy the process of engaging with our clients on this journey – we believe that all of the participants should be the beneficiaries of this process.


U+ is committed to the preservation of our natural resources by employing sustainable practice strategies in all of our projects. Whether large or small, we earnestly search for new and innovative strategies to preserve, protect and utilize renewable products and energy sources. Utilizing the natural resources to the optimum capacity to increase efficiency and reduce waste and off-gassing are a few of the many sustainable practices we employ on a regular basis. We look at both the immediate and life cycle energy implications of building systems, construction means and methods, as well as the life cycle impact our buildings have on the environment.

We consider all aspects of the building design and employ consultants such as lighting and landscape as required to develop the very best solutions to enhance the year round experience of the spaces and places we design.

Of primary importance in our design process is the continuous dialogue within the design team, our partners, consultants and clients. We operate on the belief that great architecture is rarely created in a vacuum, but rather it more often emerges from the collective experience and skills of many talented individuals, coming together with a common vision to create meaningful places for all to enjoy.

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