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Biotech + Pharmaceutical Valley III & IV

Pukou, Jiangsu

The BPV III & IV projects are located in the Nanjing Biomedicine Valley R&D Zone, which is the key medical research and development campus of Jiangsu Province, China. The project occupies a unique location in the valley with pure mountain landscape views to the east contrasted with a bustling group of urban office buildings to the west.

A major challenge for this project was in resolving programmatic requirements for the urban context while optimally leveraging the various opportunities to showcase views of the idyllic landscapes bordering the site.
At the intersection of these two contrasting environments, a solution emerged in which a centralized green enveloped roadway would ribbon through the site, providing a common path linking all of the individual buildings on the 130 MU site.

Hence providing outdoor areas for pedestrians as well as informal meetings spaces for office occupants, simultaneously meeting the design needs of the client’s program and the needs of the surrounding community. This site strategy resulted in the creation of various private areas, semi-private areas, and open spaces that collectively shaped the experience of the overall masterplan.

This concept is inspired by and reflected in the design of the landscape, where the roadway and buildings synthesize to create natural transition between the public domain into the entrances of the individual buildings.


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