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Headquarters Hill

Pukou, Jiangsu

Nanjing has played a prominent role throughout China’s history as one of the great cities of modern China. This vibrant city is the setting for the Science and Technology Headquarter Park, affectionately referred to by the design team as Headquarters Hill, a name which recognizes its place as an environment for the elevation of ideals in modern science and technology. Headquarters Hill will be a dynamic and vibrant lifestyle community that is oriented toward outdoor mountain activity.

The design for this project began with an investigation of place which sought to identify the major thematic elements of this community. A few assets uncovered by the team, include its Location, which is an important one, as two major features from the site presented opportunities for views of, Laoshan Mountain to the east, as well as a views of a major city green to the north and a bustling business-center to the south. Secondly, a strong waterfront and water-oriented environment exists along the public access road. In its orientation the project site acts as a green link between these important urban and civic areas.

Of equal importance to the diverse geographical features the site presented is the historical significance of the area and region of Nanjing. The design concept was inspired by the rich history of traditional Chinese ink-wash, therefore the form of the buildings take cues from swooping brush strokes which gently depict rolling mountain landscapes commonly seen in traditional Chinese ink-wash paintings.

The five shades of Chinese ink and their translation into the profile of mountain geometry are seen in a series of steps which ascend to become integrated with elements of the curtain wall. These refinements of detail have resulted in the distinct profile of horizontal shading elements which create an elevation that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also a sustainable strategy for regulating solar-heat gain, resulting in reduced energy load profile for the entire campus.

Programmatically, the Headquarters Hill community balances high end offices along the waterfront and exterior public commercial zones with a generously public landscape environment. This green flyway zone, in the center of the campus plan then provides a focal point for the campus where various lifestyle amenities such as a shared conference center, fitness club, and a retail supermarket provide a complete offering of support services activating the space year round.

Finally, the Headquarter Hill community will take a leading role in launching the Science and Technology Masterplan for the area. At the intersection of modern science, technology, history, culture, and the natural environment is a solution for a completely integrated healthy lifestyle campus, providing a benchmark for sustainable design excellence in China.


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