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Pukou Hospital

Nanjing, Pukou District, China (AIA NOVA Award of Excellence, 2020)

Nestled into a serene urban setting at the foothills of Laoshan Mountain which borders the Chengan River; a tributary to the nearby Yangtze River rests the existing Pukou Hospital campus. The hospital is an important service to the Pukou District in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province. The design for this new 371,753 m2 full service hospital building provides a new branding opportunity for the client while meeting the needs for high-quality medical resources. The design sought to maximize efficiency, sustainability, and patient experience while placing an overall emphasis on patient-focused care. The conceptual metaphors of “sky”, “waterfall”, & “forest” invite a sense of breath into the design by celebrating the many life-giving elements found in nature; recognizing their important role to heal and sustain quality human life.


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