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No 8 Quanxiu

Quanzhou, Fujian

No 8 Quanxiu is located in the downtown area of Quanzhou in Fujian Province. Quanzhou is a historic city surrounded by water and hills and is the starting point of the maritime silk route.

This bright and colorful city has its distinctive appearance due to its extensive foreign trade. A traditional view of the city includes thousands of ships in the ocean with their sails waving.

This site is at the intersection of traditional and contemporary culture. The north-south interface, the historic “Quanzhou wall,” captures the tradition of the city, while the east-west side is a dynamic channel for youthful energy and the new silk route. The five different black and gray elements of the façade represent the north-south “Quanzhou wall” described through our interpretation of a traditional Chinese ink wash painting of Quanzhou. The elements mirror the image of a thousand sails in the sea. The large screen facing north-west reflects the vibrant contemporary energy of the city and looks forward to a technologically advanced future.


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