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Jiangbei Women’s And Children’s Pavilion

Jiangbei, China

Jiangbei Womens & Childrens Hospital Pavilion is part of an existing hospital campus which is located in the expanding Jiangbei New District, adjacent to Taizishan Park and within 3.5 Kilometers of Pingdingshan Park. Its primary orientation is toward Xinhua Road, a picturesque tree lined boulevard serving as an arterial street in the New District. This new pavilion for the hospital will take advantage of a unique branding opportunity for the hospital along this important boulevard. Furthermore, the presence and image of the hospital should be a welcoming and stimulating new addition in the urban environment of Jiangbei New District.

The design concept for the Hospital features three primary themes. The first of these is the “green theme”, which sees the natural environment as a partner in the design of the hospital within interior and exterior spaces. The second theme is “color” which should amplify a playful, supportive and stimulating environment. And finally, “Experience”, immensely important to the success of the hospital spaces; the experiential design should generate a graceful, comforting and nurturing atmosphere for all patients, visitors and staff.

From these concepts emerges the form of the building, which is anchored by its 12-story inpatient bed tower occupying the southeast edge of the site, its orientation ultimately selected for its logical and efficient relationship to the existing campus center, as well as to create opportunity for direct views from the inpatient bed tower to the Taizishan park hill to the southwest.

Supportively, the lively “color” and “green” themes of the podium, which houses the comprehensive medical programs, creates a gently articulated profile along Xinhua Rd. Boulevard, with volumes intended to be both playful, reminding us of stacking children’s blocks, and strong. As the podiums terracing motion steps down to cradle the adjacent Taizishan Park landscape, a strong metaphor is created which represents the precious bond between mother and child.


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