U +设计合作伙伴赢得了在中国南京设计新的自由贸易区大楼的竞赛。 塔楼建筑群是自由贸易区发展的基础和象征性形象。 Free Trade Zone Tower complex in Nanjing, China. The tower complex is a foundational and symbolic image for the development of the free trade zone.

该塔的设计受到两个总体主题的启发:贸易,不同文化的融合与发展,&自由,市场最重要的本质。 该设计借鉴了丝绸之路的参考,丝绸之路是连接东西方世界几个世纪的历史悠久的贸易路线。 Trade, where different cultures merge and soar, & Free, the most important nature of the market. The design draws on references from the Silk Road, a historic trade route that has connected the Eastern and Western worlds for centuries.


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