医药谷三期和四期项目位于南京生物医学谷研发区,这是中国江苏省的重点医学研发园区。 该项目在山谷中享有独特的位置,东部享有纯净的山脉景观,而西部则是熙熙的城市办公建筑群。 projects are located in the Nanjing Biomedicine Valley R&D Zone, which is the key medical research and development campus of Jiangsu Province, China. The project occupies a unique location in the valley with pure mountain landscape views to the east contrasted with a bustling group of urban office buildings to the west.

该概念受景观设计的启发并反映在景观设计中,在该景观设计中,道路和建筑物被进行合成以在公共区域和各个建筑物的入口之间创建自然过渡。 where the roadway and buildings synthesize to create natural transitions between the public domain and the entrances of the individual buildings.


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